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Taiwan Lemon

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Taiwan Lemon, also known as "Taiwanica Fortunella" or "Taiwan Kumquat," is a small citrus fruit that is native to Taiwan and some parts of China. It belongs to the same genus as kumquats and calamondins and is often categorized as a kumquat variety. Here are some key characteristics of Taiwan Lemon:

  1. Appearance: Taiwan Lemons are small, oval-shaped citrus fruits that resemble miniature oranges. They have thin, smooth, and bright orange or yellow-orange skin.

  2. Flavor: The fruit's skin is sweet, while the flesh is tart and slightly bitter, creating a unique sweet-tart flavor when eaten whole.

  3. Size: Taiwan Lemons are typically smaller than regular lemons, about the size of a large olive or small kumquat.

  4. Usage: Like other kumquats, Taiwan Lemons are often eaten whole, including the peel. The sweet skin and tart flesh make them a delightful snack or addition to salads and desserts. They can also be used for making marmalades or candying.

  5. Growth: Taiwan Lemon trees are small, compact, and suitable for container gardening. They are cold-hardy and can withstand cooler temperatures better than some other citrus varieties.

  6. Ornamental: Due to their attractive appearance and small size, Taiwan Lemon trees are sometimes grown as ornamental plants in addition to being cultivated for their fruit.

Taiwan Lemons are cherished for their refreshing taste and are popular in Taiwanese cuisine. They are also grown in other parts of the world with suitable climates, including some regions of the United States and Europe.

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