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"WELCOME10" Discount code for first time buyers 👍

Taiwan pink guava plant

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  • Live plant along with the plastic pot.
  • Outdoor Plant
  • Fruit Plant
  • Plant height between 1 to 2 feet.

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• Country of origin: India


Taiwan Pink guava plant is a best commercial plants for farmers and for terrance garden lovers. In India, It is also called guava tree or Plant. Taiwan pink guava tree is a best fruit bearing tree for terrace garden and backyard garden. Taiwan pink guava tree bears a big and medium size fruit which is very sweet in taste. It is very easy to grow Pink guava plant in any type of soil.

The plants are attractive, grow well in a wide range of situations, and produce deliciously rich, sweet fruits.

What makes it special:
The fruit is available throughout the year, which makes it special.

Ideal Temperature:
For Guava cultivation temperature should be between 20oC to 35oC. Optimum temperature for the development of fruit isbetween 25oC to 32oC. It bears fruits at temperature ranging from 20oC to 42oC.

Guava Climate:
Guava plant is a tropical plant.

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